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Large Language Models aggregation — the sought-after solution for maximized AI scalability

What is the Large Language Model?


Large Language Model (LLM) is a foundation of generative AI, it acts as a basis for AI to predict and create content from its understanding and analysis of big data. Recently, it has gained increasing appearance in business usage as it is trained to process and produce natural languages and human-like responses. 


Major LLM providers like Amazon, Anthropic (Claude), OpenAI, Hugging Face and AI21 have been rapidly advancing their large language model technologies, by continuously optimizing the model’s capabilities, performances and accuracy through innovations in self-supervised learning techniques.


The improvements made by the major LLM providers have significantly elevated what businesses can achieve with AI, and only a single LLM is needed now to handle many complex natural language understanding and generation tasks. However, integrating multiple specialized LLMs together may still be required to solve certain multimodal or multifaceted problems completely.

A better way to monitor and scale


To answer the rising demand for fulfilling complex business tasks, unified LLM aggregation platforms emerged as the next phase in AI as a service (AIaaS), to provide a reliable way of monitoring AI usage and the flexibility of scaling. An aggregator could dynamically select and arrange the right combination of LLMs — either from a single vendor or across multiple vendors — to comprehensively address complex, real-world challenges.


By equipping a flexible composition of decentralized LLM skills, an aggregator platform allows businesses to develop and deploy advanced and composite AI-powered applications more easily. This may be the next step as LLMs continue to specialize in different modalities and capabilities. Aggregation could maximize the problem-solving potential of the growing LLM ecosystem.


In summary, while a single LLM is making tremendous strides, LLM aggregation platforms make it possible to unlock the full potential of AI by combining complementary language models from multiple providers into integrated and holistic solutions. 

Our interpretation 


As a leading digital solution consultancy, we have been actively exploring opportunities in the scope of AI. Through our efforts in research and development, we identified a compelling opportunity to develop our own LLM aggregation platform.


Our mission with this platform, the Hypthon Large Language Model Portal (HLLM Portal), is to provide our clients with streamlined access to a curated set of state-of-the-art LLMs. By housing multiple language models within a single portal, our clients can easily discover, test and integrate AI capabilities tailored to their specific business needs and goals.


Rather than building AI solutions from scratch, the HLLM Portal empowers clients to rapidly embed a configure-to-order combination of LLMs into their existing mission-critical applications. This allows them to leverage best-in-class natural language processing without the costs or efforts required to develop AI models in-house.

Figure 1-3: Demonstration of the actual usage and capabilities of the HLLM Portal

Our aggregation approach is the next generation of AI as a service. By giving your business the maximum flexibility to compose optimized AI solutions, the barriers and costs to adoption are greatly reduced, and the scalability of AI solutions is immensely escalated. 


If you would like to learn more about how the HLLM Portal can accelerate your digital transformation through an AI-enabled experience, please feel free to contact us for a demo. Digital solutions that are personalized based on your specifications and requirements are just one call away!